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Our history


“DOLCE VITA STUDIO was born from my desire to bring together within the same project my professional and human experiences in the fields of architecture and furniture. 

Worlds always in search of balance between mobility and immobility, permanent and the ephemeral, practicality and the aesthetic, by nature illustrations of the living. ”

Patrick Giordan, CEO

We have devoted most of our work to the art of living in the open air. 
The curiosity and ambition to improve our environment, is what have driven each member or partner of the Studio from the start and always push us towards new encounters and discoveries.

We have worked different raw materials such as, metals, wood, natural stones, ceramics, natural and synthetic fibers, resins and plastics, in both artisanal and industrial way for more than 30 years, on 5 continents, thanks to our teams based in Europe and in Asia and our customers all around the world.

The constant evolution of those materials and techniques offers us an open space that we continue to explore everyday to provide the best solution, between tradition and innovation, for the achievements of our customers.